i've missed you all! ladies, today was such a blessed day for me. as you seen me on twitter tweeting, i count my blessings and not my problems. life isn't easy but best believe i always have my smile on. i was and still excited for saturday to roll around. i had the opportunity to meet a very special woman. it was such a pleasurable moment that i'm still smiling 3 hours later. aha. i did a video interview and took some photos. i was so happy today was a beautiful day enough to wear the outfit i wanted to wear. my hair was in a curly puff, doing what it does best lols. i will post a picture of what i wore, recreate the look. hopefully i do get chosen because i feel like my fashion can be heard..well it will be heard behind this quiet voice of mine, so soft spoken. guys i'm feeling #blessed completely! i also need to update on my hair. i had gotten it straighten on the 22nd of november. well i must complete this homework, even with talent i greatly advice everyone to get and complete their education. education will take you far and you can always lean back on what you majored in if life doesn't go your way.

grrr i also need to hurry and pick up a new sd card reader, i have so many pictures in my camera that it must be shown lols, well at least to you guys :).
p.s i'm finally seeing twilight tonight with the ladies, finallyyy right?



Hair Goals

so.. i'm here in my room thinking about the hair goals i want to achieve. hmm it dons on me! i can reach two hair goals in just a year, maybe even more but i'll keep it simple and just say two at the moment. but anywho, i've measure how many inches each goal is :

[x] ear length 3 inches
[x] neck length 6 inches
[ ] shoulder length 9 inches
[ ] armpit length 12 inches
[ ] brastrap length 15 inches
[ ] midback length 18 inches
[ ] waist length 21 inches

and approximently each goal for my hair is 3 inches apart. how lucky am i? lols. and if my hair grows at the average growth rate a month 1/2 an inch ... i'll have 6 inches for each year. not bad at all.

so started with above ear length when i started my natural hair journey. it was i believe 2 inches and i'm aiming for armpit length by my one year hair anniversary... meaning i'm trying to grow 10 inches which can be possible in just one year. i might be glazing armpit length 10 - 11 inches or so, we won't know until my one year rolls around. but let's assume i do make it to armpit length on my one year anniversary, my next two goals to achieve would be bra strap length and midback length before my two years hair anniversary .. i can even exceed that and make it to waist length hair. 15 inches to left until i reach my ultimate goal, i might continue to proceed and try hip length, even tailbone length ;) ..... that's why it's called a hair journey right ?



Natural Hair Tag

  • why did you decide to go natural?
one reason why is because i never liked getting my hair relax, i would do it once or twice a year if i thought i needed it. at this point, i knew nothing about hair journeys nor stretching. also the thinning look really started to bother me, so i decided to go natural for myself. i was older and more knowledgeable to being able to care for my hair properly. plus i went to salons for relaxers = $$$ and being a college student is not what i needed or wanted to spend on at all.

  • how long did you transition?
my hair journey begun December 26, 2010 and i transitioned for 5 months until May 26, 2011. my goal was to transitioned for a year but the two textures was not fun for me. my natural hair would take to everything but my relaxed end just tangles when wash day came and it was so blah.

  • what is your hair texture?
it's different as most hair lols. if going by the hair type chart, i've been told i'm 3c 4a but i'm not sure. all i know it's some regions on my head is curly, some kinky, some loosely... but i'll definitely look into it as my hair gets longer.

  • how did your friends and family react to your big chop?
hehe it was a mixture of emotions. my mom never wanted me to cut my hair, she always insisted to transition and cut over time. but i'm bold and just wanted to cut my hair. i love getting hair cuts, so it took some days for her to get use to me having short hair like this. my boyfriend didn't know what to say, he was shocked and taken back as well...but now he loves it. and my friends all loved it! they said it fits my face and that i'm the type to rock anything really and still make it look fabulous.

  • what is your hair length now?
i am currently neck length. i started my hair journey at above ear length and this is the shortest my hair has ever been in my entire life.

  • where do you see your hair in a year post BC? (if it hasn't past already)
i am hoping for armpit length hair, which i know is a bit of a stretch starting from above ear length. but nothing is impossible especially if you continueously give it 110% you can make it far.

  • what is your ultimate hair goal?
ultimately, i would like to reach waist length in 2 years max. after that goal is reached i would'nt mind going beyond if my hair allows me. reaching waist length would just allow me to enjoy big hair don't care hairstyles wich i absolutely LOVE!


Month One

short post: that's correct, month one of my seven months personal hair challenge is complete. today marks the one month (october 9th) into the challenge. so far so good i should say. i'm hoping to see a big difference when my one year hair anniversary rolls around in may. i decided that i will straighten my hair and trim off the ends, because i'll be due for a trim for sure. lols anyways keeping it simple and staying consistant. starting from ear length seems like my goals further than ever...well it is though.... grrrr waist length i'll have you some day!