it's currently 98.3 °F where i'm located at but feels like 110 (this heat wave is serious). that's how it's been for this whole week. but my boyfriend....hmm....i don't know why he started this small argument with me. i don't know i just don't know. it's already hot, i'm already aggravated enough from the weather and of course he would just add onto it. sigh, i want to vent but it's gonna be a long enough post. i just wanna have fun right now and worry about this later. we're currently not texting right now and i'm not going over to see him as we planned the night before, i just wanna be around friends and at least enjoy this tremendously hot weather we're having. remember how i was suppose to see harry potter 7 part 2 with him ... we'll i think i'm just gonna by myself. maybe i need some alone time JUST for myself, treat myself to the finer things. i know i'm not at fault in this argument, i don't even know why it turned into an argument honestly. it started from a nice relaxing fun day at the beach alone, to friends being there and joining me, to coming home and texting my baby since he was at work. . .then it all went downhill when he started questioning me. i really wanna vent it out but i don't wanna talk about it. it's frustrating. UGHHH, hopefully i feel a bit better after seeing harry potter :) that's the only thing that will bring a smile to my face...

15 minutes ago : we just started texting but again it went back to the main argument because i told him i'm going to see harry potter. it sound kiddish but if i wrote exactly why we're arguing then you'll see the bigger picture because it's actually pretty obvious. in every relationship there come days where you have bumps in the road.... but let me just stop because the texts stopped as well. it's gonna be a long day, hopefully stress free starting.... right.... about.... NOW!

oh can't forget a new follower shout out :) and her name is Brandie, i don't think she has a blog but she's definitely a sweetheart.



Happy Anniversary

happy anniversary to  my loving boyfriend of 15 months and i. he's the greatest that passed my way and wouldn't trade him for the world. he's honestly my best friend, i tell him everything and his opinion does matter to me. so today our plan was just to do a mini date and enjoy each others company. no gifts was talked about because we did the whole gift each month for the first 12 months lols, but my baby came and surprised me with beautiful roses (unexpected) i had red, yellow, pink, orange beautiful roses :) he hand picked them and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. didn't i say he was the greatest. had me smiling all day, i have pictures but for some odd reason my camera won't sync to my computer (grrr) have so much to show ya'll man! but i guess i'll blog about it hopefully soon...

shout out to my new follower Mariah (click her name), she is too adorable and very informative which i like. she also has a youtube channel if you want to check that out as well.

back to this camera trouble, goodness i have product reviews to write about but no pictures and i like to take the pictures myself, highly upset and kinda depress...my camera is my baby so hopefully nothing is wrong. sigh, might be googling this all night. well that's all on my mind, my hair is in a curly puff because i don't feel like styling it this week sooo it shall stay in this puff since i can't bun right now. blah but i did enjoy my anniversary so all ends well...




first off i would like to start off by saying .... that i have another follower! omg, yay me. lols but seriously i get excited and smile all day long just knowing i'm not blogging to talk to myself lols, that's what a journal is for :) but here's my follower shout out to Dri (click her name to see her blog) which i must add is great!

so let me tell you, i'm anxious to go see the final ending of harry potter. yeah i said it, loved the books and the movies now i have to see the last ending of my childhood. i followed it since i was 10 years old ... now i'm 20 a whole decade lols. i didn't see it last night because my loving boyfriend hasn't been feeling to well so i rain checked on the movie date so he can get some rest. so for my friday night, i spent it at home playing with my little brother and watching movies while eating sunflower seeds :). i still had a ball. but i'll be sure to go see the movie next week on our day off for sure so for now, i'm avoiding those who saw it and wants to talk about it lols. oooh nooo i tell you, i don't even want to read reviews or nothing of that sort until i see it with my own eyes, the excitement just keeps on building up inside of me! aaaahhhh, extremely excited.

relax kimi lols i know. but right now i'm on youtube just browsing away at styles i should try. oh by the way since i'm on youtube (another excitement is coming into me) i have 4 subscribers to my youtube channel ! what?! whaaat?! whaaaaaaaaat now! lols i'm just over the top happy. i haven't started to make frequent videos yet because i'm waiting for my first year of being natural but i will be having an update video on my 6 month anniversary. after that your girl will be posting those videos of trial and errors, product reviews, tutorials and etc. again with the dreams of being a youtube sensation, hehe gotta start somewhere right?




last night wash was something i like to call fabulous. i love having a clean head of hair smelling like herbal essences acai berries from their color me happy shampoo for color treated hair. i love love love it. well i wasn’t in the mood for deep conditioning at all last night, lazy i know, so i just banded my hair up and called it a night. hmm but i lied and kind of went to bed later then i wanted. reasons being was online browsing at clothes and texting the boyfriend. while i was browsing i did come across some really cute items that i had to favorite and gave myself a reminder to purchase. shopaholic at heart for sure, especially online shopping = love. yup i’m addicted. so i make these little reminder list just to keep me satisfied until it’s mine . . . a girl can daydream right?

i need some oxfords in my life . . . and yes these two made my list. adorable right? well i need to finish cleaning, plans for tomorrow, it shall be a long day but worth it in the end.
oh by the way, shoutout to my first follower: LaChatNoir83 i would have linked her but i’m not sure if she has a blog up? but thanks love, you definitely made my morning when i saw you lols.




May 26, 2011                                      
Just Big Choped & Washed

July 13, 2011

Dry Hair

Washed Hair

my hair has grown tremendously in just a month. can't wait to see my next length check at my six month on November 28, 2011.

what happened in a month? well on June 28, 2011 i colored my hair from naturally dark brown/black to a chestnut brown with blond here and there. and i love it. when i do styles, i'll be documenting every step i take to becoming pocahontas :) didn't think i was serious before...just watch me now!


The Beginning...

i have major plans ahead. summer just began for me, so much things to do with so little time left before school. i still haven't found a job to call mines, still searching but money don't come easy. kind of sucks, but i won't complain cause i'm content. "it is what it is".

but let me give you a formal introduction, my name is kimi. i'm old enough to know right from wrong. i have dreams to turn into reality. people talk about me, but come on who doesn't talk in this world? i never let it get to me. if you see me...you'll see the biggest smile you've ever seen in your lifetime. i'm determined to be the next pocahontas so i started off fresh with a twa (teenie weenie afro). and by far i love it. it is in me to rock any style i give myself. and i make it look good. i'm confident but shy. silly but intelligent. you may say i have both beauty and brains. future doctor, future pocahontas, future victoria secret model...i'm telling you, i dream big and i'll make it big.

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