The Beginning...

i have major plans ahead. summer just began for me, so much things to do with so little time left before school. i still haven't found a job to call mines, still searching but money don't come easy. kind of sucks, but i won't complain cause i'm content. "it is what it is".

but let me give you a formal introduction, my name is kimi. i'm old enough to know right from wrong. i have dreams to turn into reality. people talk about me, but come on who doesn't talk in this world? i never let it get to me. if you see me...you'll see the biggest smile you've ever seen in your lifetime. i'm determined to be the next pocahontas so i started off fresh with a twa (teenie weenie afro). and by far i love it. it is in me to rock any style i give myself. and i make it look good. i'm confident but shy. silly but intelligent. you may say i have both beauty and brains. future doctor, future pocahontas, future victoria secret model...i'm telling you, i dream big and i'll make it big.

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