last night wash was something i like to call fabulous. i love having a clean head of hair smelling like herbal essences acai berries from their color me happy shampoo for color treated hair. i love love love it. well i wasn’t in the mood for deep conditioning at all last night, lazy i know, so i just banded my hair up and called it a night. hmm but i lied and kind of went to bed later then i wanted. reasons being was online browsing at clothes and texting the boyfriend. while i was browsing i did come across some really cute items that i had to favorite and gave myself a reminder to purchase. shopaholic at heart for sure, especially online shopping = love. yup i’m addicted. so i make these little reminder list just to keep me satisfied until it’s mine . . . a girl can daydream right?

i need some oxfords in my life . . . and yes these two made my list. adorable right? well i need to finish cleaning, plans for tomorrow, it shall be a long day but worth it in the end.
oh by the way, shoutout to my first follower: LaChatNoir83 i would have linked her but i’m not sure if she has a blog up? but thanks love, you definitely made my morning when i saw you lols.


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