first off i would like to start off by saying .... that i have another follower! omg, yay me. lols but seriously i get excited and smile all day long just knowing i'm not blogging to talk to myself lols, that's what a journal is for :) but here's my follower shout out to Dri (click her name to see her blog) which i must add is great!

so let me tell you, i'm anxious to go see the final ending of harry potter. yeah i said it, loved the books and the movies now i have to see the last ending of my childhood. i followed it since i was 10 years old ... now i'm 20 a whole decade lols. i didn't see it last night because my loving boyfriend hasn't been feeling to well so i rain checked on the movie date so he can get some rest. so for my friday night, i spent it at home playing with my little brother and watching movies while eating sunflower seeds :). i still had a ball. but i'll be sure to go see the movie next week on our day off for sure so for now, i'm avoiding those who saw it and wants to talk about it lols. oooh nooo i tell you, i don't even want to read reviews or nothing of that sort until i see it with my own eyes, the excitement just keeps on building up inside of me! aaaahhhh, extremely excited.

relax kimi lols i know. but right now i'm on youtube just browsing away at styles i should try. oh by the way since i'm on youtube (another excitement is coming into me) i have 4 subscribers to my youtube channel ! what?! whaaat?! whaaaaaaaaat now! lols i'm just over the top happy. i haven't started to make frequent videos yet because i'm waiting for my first year of being natural but i will be having an update video on my 6 month anniversary. after that your girl will be posting those videos of trial and errors, product reviews, tutorials and etc. again with the dreams of being a youtube sensation, hehe gotta start somewhere right?



  1. I went to see it opening day. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! It held my attention from hello. J.K. Rollings is a beast!
    The finale is everything that you want it to be and more!

  2. omg, i'm gonna see it tonight lols. i'm so anxious. girl you got me even more EXCITED :D