Happy Anniversary

happy anniversary to  my loving boyfriend of 15 months and i. he's the greatest that passed my way and wouldn't trade him for the world. he's honestly my best friend, i tell him everything and his opinion does matter to me. so today our plan was just to do a mini date and enjoy each others company. no gifts was talked about because we did the whole gift each month for the first 12 months lols, but my baby came and surprised me with beautiful roses (unexpected) i had red, yellow, pink, orange beautiful roses :) he hand picked them and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. didn't i say he was the greatest. had me smiling all day, i have pictures but for some odd reason my camera won't sync to my computer (grrr) have so much to show ya'll man! but i guess i'll blog about it hopefully soon...

shout out to my new follower Mariah (click her name), she is too adorable and very informative which i like. she also has a youtube channel if you want to check that out as well.

back to this camera trouble, goodness i have product reviews to write about but no pictures and i like to take the pictures myself, highly upset and kinda depress...my camera is my baby so hopefully nothing is wrong. sigh, might be googling this all night. well that's all on my mind, my hair is in a curly puff because i don't feel like styling it this week sooo it shall stay in this puff since i can't bun right now. blah but i did enjoy my anniversary so all ends well...


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