it's currently 98.3 °F where i'm located at but feels like 110 (this heat wave is serious). that's how it's been for this whole week. but my boyfriend....hmm....i don't know why he started this small argument with me. i don't know i just don't know. it's already hot, i'm already aggravated enough from the weather and of course he would just add onto it. sigh, i want to vent but it's gonna be a long enough post. i just wanna have fun right now and worry about this later. we're currently not texting right now and i'm not going over to see him as we planned the night before, i just wanna be around friends and at least enjoy this tremendously hot weather we're having. remember how i was suppose to see harry potter 7 part 2 with him ... we'll i think i'm just gonna by myself. maybe i need some alone time JUST for myself, treat myself to the finer things. i know i'm not at fault in this argument, i don't even know why it turned into an argument honestly. it started from a nice relaxing fun day at the beach alone, to friends being there and joining me, to coming home and texting my baby since he was at work. . .then it all went downhill when he started questioning me. i really wanna vent it out but i don't wanna talk about it. it's frustrating. UGHHH, hopefully i feel a bit better after seeing harry potter :) that's the only thing that will bring a smile to my face...

15 minutes ago : we just started texting but again it went back to the main argument because i told him i'm going to see harry potter. it sound kiddish but if i wrote exactly why we're arguing then you'll see the bigger picture because it's actually pretty obvious. in every relationship there come days where you have bumps in the road.... but let me just stop because the texts stopped as well. it's gonna be a long day, hopefully stress free starting.... right.... about.... NOW!

oh can't forget a new follower shout out :) and her name is Brandie, i don't think she has a blog but she's definitely a sweetheart.


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