first and foremost, let's thank God for another day at life. Without Him we would not be here right now.

i'm feeling down and out, sick and all. throat is scratchy, head is turning, fever is rising, stomach is hurting but still i stand. since my last post i know your all thinking ... where is this chick at? i'm sure she's off hiatus lols. it's just been a busy month, it's the last month of summer so you know you try and get things accomplished before you start school. talking about school i'm back in classes in two weeks and i couldn't be any happier. i seriously love college, i love to learn and this year plan is to keep my 4.0 gpa lols. i love challenges because i know i can succeed when im focused. no problem at all. whoop, can't wait for the homework, projects, papers and more :) i can't wait for it all. i'm a certified nerd, brains before beauty baby lols.

so here's a picture that was taken 08 23 2011
yes i have chinky but sometimes chunky eyes that i love lols.
no, i have no asian blood in me (i actually get that question)
no, i'm not wearing any makeup, i hardly ever do. just lip gloss in this photo.
i don't do full face makeup, only thing i'm interested in is eyeshadow and lipstick.
i'm still a newbie in this makeup world, it's never perfect. i'm not heavy with it.
i love my natural beauty and embrace it all day.
and that photo up there is my natural beauty. my smile is contageous.
oh my hair was in a puff, plain and simple - i like simplicity lols.
my room is beautiful, 3 colors: tan, teal and white.
i was jaming to drake: marvin's room, which i blast everyday.
and i think i'm done observing this picture lols.

oh by the way, blog shoutout to rainyjenks , new follower of mine. need a bargin helper, she'll definitely give you some tips. also i'm in LOVE with her recycled bow hair headband. just lovely




woah, where did i go to? short hiatus...well i think so. i've been quite busy since summer is ending and school is right around the corner. i've been waiting for this feeling of back to school jitterbugs for awhile now. even though my summer was somewhat quite relaxing and fun i'm ready to hit the books, cramp late nights, and have a messed up sleeping pattern all thanks to that college life :) yup the golden years. well my hiatus is over and i'll be back on my feet keeping my readers updated on my journey through life itself.

by the way i will be doing my youtube videos when i get everything situated. hmmm but originally planned to start video documenting once i hit my year anniversary, but things don't always go as planned now do they?

we shall soon find out what i have plan ....