i know what you're proberly thinking, this girl is not committed lols. well i am! so it's been a good while since i last updated, i got side tracked and much more. but this i'm back, for real. don't have much of an update, my hair is still growing but i'm not really noticing as much as others are. lols, don't know why but hair never stops growing so i guess i believe them. i'm still with my loving boyfriend and our anniversary is in two days. we don't have much plan since he'll be working and i'll be in school. we'll just have to schedule something for that weekend. i have a new photo to show you guy, it's getting much attention on facebook that i was not expecting. actually the comments left placed a smile on my face, for this was just the practice shoot .... what magic will i make when it comes down to the actual photo shoot? lols for anyone asking...yes i will be compensated for this photo shoot. how much you say? eh, not really much of importance is it now :)

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ooo la la right? makeup, just eyeshadow..done by me, even though i'm just an amateur in that field. other than that flawless? hehe a friend of mine said it was. there's more to come as i'm talking to quite a few photographers who wants to do work with me..of course my boyfriend will be by my side at all photo shoots, safety reasons. but just here updated on my life and such, hope everyone has a blessed day and i'll definitely see you all tomorrow :).