Kayla Shevonne's Nail Giveaway

so i've recently been creeping around the blogs i follow and landed on Kayla Shevonne's nail blog. it brought my obsession of nail polish back! ladies, i'm trying my hardest to grow out my nails. i'm an active nail bitter ever since i was a young tot, i can remember just bitting these bad boys away. i've recently stopped and my nails began to florish. i told myself that i better have long HEALTHY nails by the time my 21st birthday comes around giving me 6 months to achieve this. hope i make it .....

back on focus, she's hosting a blog giveaway...did you guess of what? yup, if nail polish came on your mind then you guessed correct! piCture pOlish is sponsoring the giveaway, giving you the chance to win 3 nail polishes of your own! how great is that? the contest ends 11.04.2011 so make sure you enter, and also follow kayla!


Hair Inspirations

Teyana Taylor

Leela James


Do It Yourself

first and foremost, welcoming my two new followers stilettominded who is currently having a fall contest which is open but will be closed on october 29th, make sure you check her out and enter! you know i did :) --- and  CC whose known as the big ass dreamer, her blog is just so wonderful to read about. and i've read aha, we have much in common. so thank you ladies <3

ok i've been searching the web for my next homemade deep moisturizing treatment. i haven't deep conditioned my tress for awhile now and it's showing the signs that it needs some TLC! shame on me. i used to be on top of things when i first big chopped, but now it's like i've been slacking -.- but slack no more i say. last night i placed in a treatment in my hair, i believe it was suave almond + shea butter conditioner, with honey and this other moisturizing product (i forgot the name), i mixed this up a while ago as in 2 weeks, and finally decided to use it. i worked in sections slowly, making sure i go over each strand on my head. took over an hour but it was worth it.

back to what i was saying, well i think im going to start making natural deep conditioning treatments instead of store bought. i'll be using honey a lot, i've always enjoyed adding honey. i read up on avocado, ripe bananas and such. but imma keep my recipes simple: and just need them moisturizing. so i'll be sticking to bananas, avocados, honey, olive oil. and when i do, i'll be sure to share it with you. also if you know any other recipes or sites i can read up on, i would appreciate it for sure. and i know for a protein treatment i'll be using an egg, once or twice a month. we'll see...



Overly joyful

so remember ... well of course you remember. the psych exam that i've been stressing on for the past two weeks finally came. lols last night at 6:45 pm i, pocahontas, took the first psychology exam of the course. i was anxious and nervous, over hyping myself and my nerves went haywired. i even told my friend that if i get a 60% i would be satisfied. the exam consist of 50 questions plus 8 extra creds, multiple questions, true or false. no essay, but over a hundred words, meanings, people etc all together to memorize and know. i was terrified on the inside but cool, calm and collective on the outside lols. anywho, my professor  said she is the type to give you immediate feedback. so i'm thinking a couple of days but nope we got our exam results 10 minutes after everyone finished, man my heart was pounding --- so as soon as she called out my name to come get my test "kimi" ... it felt like slow motion as i got up and reach out my arm as she handed me my exam back .... i sat back in my seat, my neighbor watching me while i slowly look at my scantron to see 40 on the bottle right corner ... a sigh of relief exhaled as i sunk into my seat and release a huge smile on my face. my friend whispering "great job kimi!" i then turned it around to see how much extra credict i got out the 8. and i got all 8! so if my math is correct, 40 divided by 50 equals 80% plus the 8 points giving me a total of 88% whoop but oh wait, did i forget to mention that she gave the whole class an extra 2 points because she came late to class while we all axiously waited? yeahhhhh so in total i got 90% on my first exam! i couldn't be more happy and thankful, man guys i was stressing! lols but it's behind us and the next one is next month, i swear this class is just moving on by. i currently have A's in all my classes, i can't be more thankful at my hardwork that i've put in so far..this isn't high school no more, and we're all responsibile for ourselves.



Hair Goals :D

the infamous hair length chart while being on a hair journey. for i, i one day plan on being waist length my ultimate hair goal. i might suppress that goal and continue to grow to bigger achievements.

here's the schedule i set for myself, hoping to reach then by the dates i set the for. well that all depends on how good i retain my growth right?

 MAY 26, 2011
big chopped, all natural and loving it!

i claimed full ear length.

i think i'm neck length, well it's different lengths all around. since the front stretched reaches ear length while the back is neck length. i haven't had a trim throughout the journey as well.

NOVEMBER 26, 2011
i hope to be full neck length, even grazing shoulder length would make me smile. i'm all about health over length -- i maintain the health of my hair, so length is on my mind as well.
now here's what i would like to reach schedule:

FEBRUARY 2012 --- SL

MAY 2012 --- APL
(one year anniversary, get hair straightened and trimmed)

AUGUST 2012 --- BSB


MARCH 2013 --- MBL

JUNE 2013 --- WSL

this is my goal, they might either excel or delay depending on setbacks and such. so a good 2 years for me to reach my ultimate hair goal ... not to bad at all :D i'm excited regardless. i'll update throughout my journey... well of course, i made this blog for a reason hehehe.


Best Professor Ever

yup, title says it all. you remember the last post i did... well the one i did last night lols. cramping over the psych exam i was suppose to have?! well she pushed it back for next monday! phew" that was whole class relief but i know i was thankful with my sigh.

it got even better when she told us to cross off a good portion of words on the study guide ... look at this study guide

two collums, with over 100 words and people to define and know about ... this study guide was serious lols, but it's fine now like the pressure lifted up from my shoulders since i now know exactly what should be studied including the chapters :) i'm all smiles y'all.

this was so good, i'm not sure what to call it but a pocket full of meat and seasoning. yet it was delicious and melted in my mouth. mom brought it home from me and i was so happy! lols i love to eat, anything and mostly everything --- yummmmmy.




tonight...is...my...first....psych...EXAM! like this was something i was cramping on. psychology isn't that bad actually and i've been hooked on reading the chapters i was suppose to be reading a few weeks ago lols. so i think from now on i'll be more than on schedule with the assigned reading. i love my psychology class as well... not to metion that my professor is also the Dean of the college... no pressure (-__-) lols. yeah right, but she's actually extremely nice and helpful in class and out. she doesn't assign homework which i think is a negative, due to the fact that we only have exams ( 3 exams + 1 mandatory exam = 4 exams for the whole semester ) so basically my grades on these exams will determine my pass / fail grade... Lord have mercy cause it's going to be a killer. homework, i adore it because it improves your grade if you're not so good on the testing, i wish homework was mandatory lols. but like i said i've become hooked on reading the psych book (a month later) smh but it's never to late to turn things around. i'm usually a focused student, to the fact i discipline myself like deactivating facebook. i just had too, i have too many goals to get sidetracked at the moment. man, i can't wait for that month vacation to come after this semester lols.

also my hair is doing just fine.. well of course lols. i've been wearing knitted berets (purchased from old navy) lately and i love it. i just throw it on in the morning and leave for class. so i'm curious and anxious to see where i stand in a few or eight months lols. yay, well it's back to a quick refresh study before class, can't wait, i'm aiming for a 70% - 85% lols i'll even settle for 65% but nothing below that! i don't mind having one "ok" not so great grade out of 4 exams. wish me luck.




i've been studying and studying, tying my hardest to maintain my grades to be atleast A's or B+ the least. sigh, but back to the book i go...just wanted to say hello to ya'll lols i'll be up for awhile ---- college life, right? oh yeah today i retwisted my hair, chunky twist didn't really hold up as much like i planned so i decided to untwist, wash, condition and twist in a medium size which looks much better, now these need to last me the last 3 weeks before i retwist them again lols. we shall see right? alright, back to the books seriously this time .... or maybe at 8 o'clock perhaps :)



Quick Length Check

i'm beginning my personal seven months challenge of keeping my hair in two strand twist since they're really easy and quick for me to do while in college. so here is the beginning length check while in twist:

full head view = shrinkage.

back side.

right side.

left side.

all together :)

Busy, Busy, Busy

so last night i decided to wash my hair a day earlier than usual. i had fun with my big fro but it was time to go. i wanted to do chunky twist for the month of october since all i wore was puffs in september. i was excited for this wash day because i got the giovanni direct leave in conditioner :) man you guys don't know how long it took me to find this bottle. i had my neighbor and i racing from store to store looking for this bottle but no one knew the giovanni line. my last resort was to order it online so i can stock up a bit if i liked the product. well we look for this bottle for a week! yes you read right, a whole WEEK! it was serious, we tried walgreens, cvs, flora's, salons, shaw's,walmart, sudbury farms and  rite-aid. finally yesterday i asked her if she can go to target for me.. she went and couldn't find it, than she asked a sales person and guess what ... they had ONE MORE BOTTLE LEFT!! oh my goodness i wanted to cry lols.

so i was anxious to try it because i never had any leave in conditioner since i went natural back in may, but i love giovanni! yes yes yes i love it to the fullest. it's amazing to me and definitely thinking about stocking up pretty soon :).

after i was done with the leave in, i went along to do some chunky two strand twist in my hair. it took only 30 minutes to do them and i was fairly happy but at the same time tired lols. so i didn't take a picture right after since sleep was lingering in my brain, and shrinkage took over by the time i took pictures this morning. oh well i still adore these twist... now it needs to last this whole month lols.

i can't wait until i can put my twist into buns and such...sigh soon it shall be mine .........



Say What Now?

when i leave my hair alone i leave it alone. after coloring my hair, i said i would track my hair growth in my journey to being future pocahontas; i ain't kidding ya'll lols. so my new growth is how i'm tracking. i colored my hair on 06.28.2011. let's see my progress so far : 


mini braids done on 08.03.2011


hair does grow, so don't think your hair is just stuck at the length it currently is right now. i did nothing major due to laziness. but after i get my hair straighten in november and really do something ... i wonder what my progress will be then :) we shall see readers, we shall see.




hey loves, just doing a check in. i honestly need to start being consistant in blogging, i'm either on twitter, facebook, tumblr. sigh blogspot i apologize, cause i love to blog! but anyways yesterday i did a five minute blowout on my whole head after stretching for two dyas. it came out pretty good for just a quick blowout. than i did a braidout, it's actually the first time i've ever done this hair style and i was terrified that it wouldn't look right.. plan b if that happened was to put everything in a bun and a call it a day lols. so this morning i took down the braids and it actually came out BEAUTIFUL! i was so happy with the results about everything. i didn't take a picture because i like day two hair so until tomorrow is when i'll be posting up a photo. take my word, it came out goood!

hmm beautiful, happens to be the word of the day for me. because today i got my first tattoo :) hehehe, can you tell today was a wonderful day for me. i was extremely anxious because of all the stories i've heard ... and when i arrived my tattoo artist actually said it's gonna hurt since it's my first time. thanks for the reensurence right? lols. but guess what ... it did not hurt on bit, he told me i was gonna be in tears ...... psht i was jamin' to drake on my ipod. and again no tears, no movement to the point where he stopped and said "ew, you're so weird" lols cause i felt no pain. ever since i was young, i was that girl who didn't cry when the doctors gave me shots but actually watched and got excited during the process. i was that girl who got her baby tooth pulled out without any anesthesia. i was the girl who loved getting a new piercing (i have seven right now going for eight), i was that girl who did daredevil stunts on my bike, rollar blades, on ice etc. i was that girl who loved needles and surprisingly still do til this day... so he was shocked when i told him and we both laughed it out. my tattoo took only 20 minutes which was highly quick (well he did tell me it would be quick, lols) i was thinking of more on the lines of 30 - 45 minutes but he's JUST that good. i'll be going back next week to get my second ... addidicted already? lols maybe so but i need to balence it out, i don't like odd numbers so two tattoos it will be. and these tattoos has a meaning behind it :) --- i'll stop on that note, thanks to my followers who's reading up on me. i will be updating tonight with a modeling contest which i need those votes forreal.