hey loves, just doing a check in. i honestly need to start being consistant in blogging, i'm either on twitter, facebook, tumblr. sigh blogspot i apologize, cause i love to blog! but anyways yesterday i did a five minute blowout on my whole head after stretching for two dyas. it came out pretty good for just a quick blowout. than i did a braidout, it's actually the first time i've ever done this hair style and i was terrified that it wouldn't look right.. plan b if that happened was to put everything in a bun and a call it a day lols. so this morning i took down the braids and it actually came out BEAUTIFUL! i was so happy with the results about everything. i didn't take a picture because i like day two hair so until tomorrow is when i'll be posting up a photo. take my word, it came out goood!

hmm beautiful, happens to be the word of the day for me. because today i got my first tattoo :) hehehe, can you tell today was a wonderful day for me. i was extremely anxious because of all the stories i've heard ... and when i arrived my tattoo artist actually said it's gonna hurt since it's my first time. thanks for the reensurence right? lols. but guess what ... it did not hurt on bit, he told me i was gonna be in tears ...... psht i was jamin' to drake on my ipod. and again no tears, no movement to the point where he stopped and said "ew, you're so weird" lols cause i felt no pain. ever since i was young, i was that girl who didn't cry when the doctors gave me shots but actually watched and got excited during the process. i was that girl who got her baby tooth pulled out without any anesthesia. i was the girl who loved getting a new piercing (i have seven right now going for eight), i was that girl who did daredevil stunts on my bike, rollar blades, on ice etc. i was that girl who loved needles and surprisingly still do til this day... so he was shocked when i told him and we both laughed it out. my tattoo took only 20 minutes which was highly quick (well he did tell me it would be quick, lols) i was thinking of more on the lines of 30 - 45 minutes but he's JUST that good. i'll be going back next week to get my second ... addidicted already? lols maybe so but i need to balence it out, i don't like odd numbers so two tattoos it will be. and these tattoos has a meaning behind it :) --- i'll stop on that note, thanks to my followers who's reading up on me. i will be updating tonight with a modeling contest which i need those votes forreal.


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