Best Professor Ever

yup, title says it all. you remember the last post i did... well the one i did last night lols. cramping over the psych exam i was suppose to have?! well she pushed it back for next monday! phew" that was whole class relief but i know i was thankful with my sigh.

it got even better when she told us to cross off a good portion of words on the study guide ... look at this study guide

two collums, with over 100 words and people to define and know about ... this study guide was serious lols, but it's fine now like the pressure lifted up from my shoulders since i now know exactly what should be studied including the chapters :) i'm all smiles y'all.

this was so good, i'm not sure what to call it but a pocket full of meat and seasoning. yet it was delicious and melted in my mouth. mom brought it home from me and i was so happy! lols i love to eat, anything and mostly everything --- yummmmmy.


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