Busy, Busy, Busy

so last night i decided to wash my hair a day earlier than usual. i had fun with my big fro but it was time to go. i wanted to do chunky twist for the month of october since all i wore was puffs in september. i was excited for this wash day because i got the giovanni direct leave in conditioner :) man you guys don't know how long it took me to find this bottle. i had my neighbor and i racing from store to store looking for this bottle but no one knew the giovanni line. my last resort was to order it online so i can stock up a bit if i liked the product. well we look for this bottle for a week! yes you read right, a whole WEEK! it was serious, we tried walgreens, cvs, flora's, salons, shaw's,walmart, sudbury farms and  rite-aid. finally yesterday i asked her if she can go to target for me.. she went and couldn't find it, than she asked a sales person and guess what ... they had ONE MORE BOTTLE LEFT!! oh my goodness i wanted to cry lols.

so i was anxious to try it because i never had any leave in conditioner since i went natural back in may, but i love giovanni! yes yes yes i love it to the fullest. it's amazing to me and definitely thinking about stocking up pretty soon :).

after i was done with the leave in, i went along to do some chunky two strand twist in my hair. it took only 30 minutes to do them and i was fairly happy but at the same time tired lols. so i didn't take a picture right after since sleep was lingering in my brain, and shrinkage took over by the time i took pictures this morning. oh well i still adore these twist... now it needs to last this whole month lols.

i can't wait until i can put my twist into buns and such...sigh soon it shall be mine .........


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