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first and foremost, welcoming my two new followers stilettominded who is currently having a fall contest which is open but will be closed on october 29th, make sure you check her out and enter! you know i did :) --- and  CC whose known as the big ass dreamer, her blog is just so wonderful to read about. and i've read aha, we have much in common. so thank you ladies <3

ok i've been searching the web for my next homemade deep moisturizing treatment. i haven't deep conditioned my tress for awhile now and it's showing the signs that it needs some TLC! shame on me. i used to be on top of things when i first big chopped, but now it's like i've been slacking -.- but slack no more i say. last night i placed in a treatment in my hair, i believe it was suave almond + shea butter conditioner, with honey and this other moisturizing product (i forgot the name), i mixed this up a while ago as in 2 weeks, and finally decided to use it. i worked in sections slowly, making sure i go over each strand on my head. took over an hour but it was worth it.

back to what i was saying, well i think im going to start making natural deep conditioning treatments instead of store bought. i'll be using honey a lot, i've always enjoyed adding honey. i read up on avocado, ripe bananas and such. but imma keep my recipes simple: and just need them moisturizing. so i'll be sticking to bananas, avocados, honey, olive oil. and when i do, i'll be sure to share it with you. also if you know any other recipes or sites i can read up on, i would appreciate it for sure. and i know for a protein treatment i'll be using an egg, once or twice a month. we'll see...


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