tonight...is...my...first....psych...EXAM! like this was something i was cramping on. psychology isn't that bad actually and i've been hooked on reading the chapters i was suppose to be reading a few weeks ago lols. so i think from now on i'll be more than on schedule with the assigned reading. i love my psychology class as well... not to metion that my professor is also the Dean of the college... no pressure (-__-) lols. yeah right, but she's actually extremely nice and helpful in class and out. she doesn't assign homework which i think is a negative, due to the fact that we only have exams ( 3 exams + 1 mandatory exam = 4 exams for the whole semester ) so basically my grades on these exams will determine my pass / fail grade... Lord have mercy cause it's going to be a killer. homework, i adore it because it improves your grade if you're not so good on the testing, i wish homework was mandatory lols. but like i said i've become hooked on reading the psych book (a month later) smh but it's never to late to turn things around. i'm usually a focused student, to the fact i discipline myself like deactivating facebook. i just had too, i have too many goals to get sidetracked at the moment. man, i can't wait for that month vacation to come after this semester lols.

also my hair is doing just fine.. well of course lols. i've been wearing knitted berets (purchased from old navy) lately and i love it. i just throw it on in the morning and leave for class. so i'm curious and anxious to see where i stand in a few or eight months lols. yay, well it's back to a quick refresh study before class, can't wait, i'm aiming for a 70% - 85% lols i'll even settle for 65% but nothing below that! i don't mind having one "ok" not so great grade out of 4 exams. wish me luck.


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