Hair Goals :D

the infamous hair length chart while being on a hair journey. for i, i one day plan on being waist length my ultimate hair goal. i might suppress that goal and continue to grow to bigger achievements.

here's the schedule i set for myself, hoping to reach then by the dates i set the for. well that all depends on how good i retain my growth right?

 MAY 26, 2011
big chopped, all natural and loving it!

i claimed full ear length.

i think i'm neck length, well it's different lengths all around. since the front stretched reaches ear length while the back is neck length. i haven't had a trim throughout the journey as well.

NOVEMBER 26, 2011
i hope to be full neck length, even grazing shoulder length would make me smile. i'm all about health over length -- i maintain the health of my hair, so length is on my mind as well.
now here's what i would like to reach schedule:

FEBRUARY 2012 --- SL

MAY 2012 --- APL
(one year anniversary, get hair straightened and trimmed)

AUGUST 2012 --- BSB


MARCH 2013 --- MBL

JUNE 2013 --- WSL

this is my goal, they might either excel or delay depending on setbacks and such. so a good 2 years for me to reach my ultimate hair goal ... not to bad at all :D i'm excited regardless. i'll update throughout my journey... well of course, i made this blog for a reason hehehe.


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