Kayla Shevonne's Nail Giveaway

so i've recently been creeping around the blogs i follow and landed on Kayla Shevonne's nail blog. it brought my obsession of nail polish back! ladies, i'm trying my hardest to grow out my nails. i'm an active nail bitter ever since i was a young tot, i can remember just bitting these bad boys away. i've recently stopped and my nails began to florish. i told myself that i better have long HEALTHY nails by the time my 21st birthday comes around giving me 6 months to achieve this. hope i make it .....

back on focus, she's hosting a blog giveaway...did you guess of what? yup, if nail polish came on your mind then you guessed correct! piCture pOlish is sponsoring the giveaway, giving you the chance to win 3 nail polishes of your own! how great is that? the contest ends 11.04.2011 so make sure you enter, and also follow kayla!



  1. Oh no - dont bite your nails...it is such a hard habit to quit - I have a friend that does it and the fingers are looking quite Yucky might I say....lol Anyway, new follower on the blog - you can follow back if you like


  2. waaah, i hate it. it really is a terrible habit ... and so hard to quit. i get a bit jealous when i see other girls beautiful nails. and i love doing my nails...but than again what nails. lols so it's my motivations, hope to have beautiful, long, healthy nails before my birthday in april. i'll take before and after photos.

    thank you :) and i'm definitely following back.