Overly joyful

so remember ... well of course you remember. the psych exam that i've been stressing on for the past two weeks finally came. lols last night at 6:45 pm i, pocahontas, took the first psychology exam of the course. i was anxious and nervous, over hyping myself and my nerves went haywired. i even told my friend that if i get a 60% i would be satisfied. the exam consist of 50 questions plus 8 extra creds, multiple questions, true or false. no essay, but over a hundred words, meanings, people etc all together to memorize and know. i was terrified on the inside but cool, calm and collective on the outside lols. anywho, my professor  said she is the type to give you immediate feedback. so i'm thinking a couple of days but nope we got our exam results 10 minutes after everyone finished, man my heart was pounding --- so as soon as she called out my name to come get my test "kimi" ... it felt like slow motion as i got up and reach out my arm as she handed me my exam back .... i sat back in my seat, my neighbor watching me while i slowly look at my scantron to see 40 on the bottle right corner ... a sigh of relief exhaled as i sunk into my seat and release a huge smile on my face. my friend whispering "great job kimi!" i then turned it around to see how much extra credict i got out the 8. and i got all 8! so if my math is correct, 40 divided by 50 equals 80% plus the 8 points giving me a total of 88% whoop but oh wait, did i forget to mention that she gave the whole class an extra 2 points because she came late to class while we all axiously waited? yeahhhhh so in total i got 90% on my first exam! i couldn't be more happy and thankful, man guys i was stressing! lols but it's behind us and the next one is next month, i swear this class is just moving on by. i currently have A's in all my classes, i can't be more thankful at my hardwork that i've put in so far..this isn't high school no more, and we're all responsibile for ourselves.



  1. well done chick! hard work deffo pays off ! xx