friday night: i deep conditioned overnight with shea moisture deep treatment masque. it was heavenly.

saturday morning: i simply washed my scalp with shea moisture moisture retention shampoo (diluted). the masque was still in my hair while i focused shampooing my scalp and then rinse them both out. this is my hair fresh out the shower with absolutely NO products in it.

i used giovanni direct moisture leave in conditioner after taking those two pictures. then i used shea moisture curl enhance smoothie to two stand twist my hair i did 24 twist. i'm still on my personal seven months protective styling challenge. once this is done, i have another personal challenge that i would like to do for a year if i'm trying to reach midback length lols.

i can't wait until my one year hair anniversary May 26, 2011 to see where my hair is at. i'm hoping for armpit length crossing my fingers praying. there was more pictures to add but i broke my SD reader and couldn't upload the rest of the pictures. i, also recieve my prize from Siletto Minded contest saturday morning as well. so my day went wonderful


  1. ur hair is beautiful! wow, look at all that new growth!! how long has it been so far?

    love reading ur blog btw :]

  2. thank you. i colored my hair June 28, 2011. so all that new growth is 4 months afterwards, from july - october :) ... but shrinkage is crazy!

  3. Your hair looks lovely, The curls are so cute.
    I love hair Journeys :)
    If only i was brave enough, iv tried but ended up relaxing again :(
    Kiwi ..x

  4. thanks kiwi. girl once you do BC or even transition...you're just gonna fall in love with your natural hair. i think i'm due for a protein treatment lols or maybe an ACV rinse...hmm a clarifying wash might spring my curls back to normal. it's a bit frizzy in those pictures.

    so i definitely got off topic lols, i adore hair journeys too! are you on a relaxed one now?