is it just me or does every female in the world who comes to that point in life and craves for a family of their own? i've been fighting this craving for awhile now, trying to just focus in school and get my life right with a career and degrees to my name. also pursuing this modeling career with my height is not the easiest since im not 5'7 just a few inches shy but i have long legs to make up for it. thanks to my body decision to grow with a short torso. but back to my craving...ladies, i want a family of my own. i want to be a wife, a mother. i guess i want it all right now. but i also want to give my children a wonderful life with no worries --- hakuna matata. when though?! i don't know but this craving just keeps on growing and growing until... i'm pregnant... i guess. sigh, i just want a family to call my own....



  1. I Know exactly what you feeling
    I'm having the same 'Cravings', Im sure every1 does at somepoint
    I'm sure will both be good, when the times right

    Kiwi ..x

  2. :) these cravings are so stong, but you're absolutely right...when the times right it will be just the most amazing feeling.

  3. Oh my days, I deffo know the feeling and the constant urge to fight it but it always sits in your mind somewhere.

  4. yes CC! it always, ALWAYS sits on the mind. it's so hard to fight it but it's so easy to get pregnant....