Excuse Me?

this is so disappointing. i was on the bus going home from school, and an old childhood friend of mine got on. i saw that he was with his baby's mother and their son. so there's three free seats in front of me, and one free seat next to me. she sat down and placed the car seat on one seat...leaving one free seat. as soon as he turned around, his eyes immediately went to me. and i knew he was going to sit right next to me. and he does indeed. i looked at his girl and just felt awkward beyond words. he sits down and puts all eyes on me, making the whole bus look at me like if i had been with him at some point in life...which i never had. at first our conversation was settled. we talked about our cell phones (weird) lols and how we've both been, where we are in life and such of those general things. we'll i'm thinking this isn't so bad at all..until he started confessing his crush for me to the mother of child....OMG excuse me? and then he had the audacity to ask me why i never gave him a chance, that i could of been where his girl is at now .................. P A U S E .............. i can see the hurt in this girl's face. i was in such an awkward position, i didn't know what to say but look uncomfortable. i swear everyone couldn't believe their eyes. not to mention he asked me to be his weekend girl EXCUSE ME? i started to get irritated, then we got on the topic of marriage. i talked about how i see my boyfriend and i heading down towards that road in the near future.. his girl said she wants to get married before having anymore kids (good for you girl) and he said he's never getting married..........what? .... he said NEVER getting married, i looked at his girl and she looked at me and we both shook our heads. so small minded, and then he tried to explain himself, i didn't wanna hear it anymore. then we got on the subject of pregnancy, and his girl was like please just make sure it's with someone you love and are really ready to bring another life into this world. apparently, she didn't seem so happy with who she had a baby with but their son is absolutely precious (he slept the whole bus ride, too adorable). after a bit of silence and me looking out the window...he then brought up his ex which i'm friends with, saying that he's upset she doesn't speak to him because she's in a new relationship. he said that he wants to share the moments he shines with her (another aspiring model)...like umm you have a family to take care of, why are you still so attached to your ex? like you were the reason she left, now she's happy and you want her back...stop looking back and keep moving forward, enjoy the precious little bundle you brought into the world and treat your girl right! there's a lot more to write about, if i could just have recorded the whole conversation. lols the gestures and comments he made to me...for me...is unbelievable. i had to tell my baby about it, sigh what can happen in just thirty minutes.




  1. can i just say wow - and wth - and excuse me? was he serious? he was surely full of himself - poor tink tink!! someone needs to bring him back to reality!! and I surely feel bad for his girl aka baby motha!! oh well. what can you do.

  2. unfortunately girl he was too serious. smh he really is full of himself and he ain't even all that lols. it's not like he's trey songz or nothing but i swear he thinks he is -___-. i feel so bad for her, like he sees her only as a baby momma. worst part is, he tried getting my number. Lord have mercy, i laughed. we got off the same stop and he walked me home -__- i just wanted to call my baby asap.