Hair Goals

so.. i'm here in my room thinking about the hair goals i want to achieve. hmm it dons on me! i can reach two hair goals in just a year, maybe even more but i'll keep it simple and just say two at the moment. but anywho, i've measure how many inches each goal is :

[x] ear length 3 inches
[x] neck length 6 inches
[ ] shoulder length 9 inches
[ ] armpit length 12 inches
[ ] brastrap length 15 inches
[ ] midback length 18 inches
[ ] waist length 21 inches

and approximently each goal for my hair is 3 inches apart. how lucky am i? lols. and if my hair grows at the average growth rate a month 1/2 an inch ... i'll have 6 inches for each year. not bad at all.

so started with above ear length when i started my natural hair journey. it was i believe 2 inches and i'm aiming for armpit length by my one year hair anniversary... meaning i'm trying to grow 10 inches which can be possible in just one year. i might be glazing armpit length 10 - 11 inches or so, we won't know until my one year rolls around. but let's assume i do make it to armpit length on my one year anniversary, my next two goals to achieve would be bra strap length and midback length before my two years hair anniversary .. i can even exceed that and make it to waist length hair. 15 inches to left until i reach my ultimate goal, i might continue to proceed and try hip length, even tailbone length ;) ..... that's why it's called a hair journey right ?


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  1. congrats on your hair journey hun
    As long as you take care of it, im sure u'll reach your goal

    Kiwi ..x