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  • why did you decide to go natural?
one reason why is because i never liked getting my hair relax, i would do it once or twice a year if i thought i needed it. at this point, i knew nothing about hair journeys nor stretching. also the thinning look really started to bother me, so i decided to go natural for myself. i was older and more knowledgeable to being able to care for my hair properly. plus i went to salons for relaxers = $$$ and being a college student is not what i needed or wanted to spend on at all.

  • how long did you transition?
my hair journey begun December 26, 2010 and i transitioned for 5 months until May 26, 2011. my goal was to transitioned for a year but the two textures was not fun for me. my natural hair would take to everything but my relaxed end just tangles when wash day came and it was so blah.

  • what is your hair texture?
it's different as most hair lols. if going by the hair type chart, i've been told i'm 3c 4a but i'm not sure. all i know it's some regions on my head is curly, some kinky, some loosely... but i'll definitely look into it as my hair gets longer.

  • how did your friends and family react to your big chop?
hehe it was a mixture of emotions. my mom never wanted me to cut my hair, she always insisted to transition and cut over time. but i'm bold and just wanted to cut my hair. i love getting hair cuts, so it took some days for her to get use to me having short hair like this. my boyfriend didn't know what to say, he was shocked and taken back as well...but now he loves it. and my friends all loved it! they said it fits my face and that i'm the type to rock anything really and still make it look fabulous.

  • what is your hair length now?
i am currently neck length. i started my hair journey at above ear length and this is the shortest my hair has ever been in my entire life.

  • where do you see your hair in a year post BC? (if it hasn't past already)
i am hoping for armpit length hair, which i know is a bit of a stretch starting from above ear length. but nothing is impossible especially if you continueously give it 110% you can make it far.

  • what is your ultimate hair goal?
ultimately, i would like to reach waist length in 2 years max. after that goal is reached i would'nt mind going beyond if my hair allows me. reaching waist length would just allow me to enjoy big hair don't care hairstyles wich i absolutely LOVE!

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  1. I'm currently going through a transition myself (also my mums idea lol) , i've done the big chop before, but just ended up relaxing it again :(
    Wishing you the best of luck doe :D

    Kiwi ..x