Oh My Gosh!

my day started like this: i'm in class listening to my professor talk...as i'm writing down notes, i decided to check my mail (email) for no reason at all. and when i did i saw that i had an email from Stiletto Minded (check her blog out) ... the first thing i saw was "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" man as soon as my eyes saw that word i screamed! aha yes, i scared in class shocking my whole class including myself. my professor asked me if everything was alright i replied, "just peachy". yes, it was peachy because she just told me i won --- the FFOTD contest, wait a minute PAUSE... she just said i won?! me, poca won?! i, kimi won?! i hardly enter contest that deals with makeup because i'm fairly new at this. i don't know the mac brush numbers by heart, i don't know the true difference between palettes, you know i'm a true beginner. i had this friend of mine explain the difference of concealer, foundations, primer and all that for me. i still get confuse a bit, on top of that i hardly wear makeup. like HARDLY ever so i stray away from contest of those. i'm very much into eyeshadows though, i don't care for much overall face cover up...nope just focus on my eyes please :) lols. well anyways, i entered and won. this gave me the motavation to keep educating myself with all the terms, and which brush is which :) --- well i just wanted to say thank you Stiletto Minded for the oppertunity to enter in the contest. thank you so much! it just brighten up my day when i saw your email....literally lols.

oh by the way, i got me a new follower. Jersey Blogess, i scanned her blog and than caught myself reading every post on the main page before clicking "older post" lols. you know when you found a good book to read, you just don't wanna put it down....that was her blog for me lols. it was cute, pictures and she's about fashion. i like uniqueness and think everyone is capable of bringing out their fashionista...but just a bit scared. you got yourself a new follower as well, heyyyyy!



  1. Oh Poca, you are just too cute - thanks so much for the follow - and congrats on your win!! You could have fooled me...I thought you were a pro when I saw your makeup - Great Job!! Yayyyyy Poca!!!