i've missed you all! ladies, today was such a blessed day for me. as you seen me on twitter tweeting, i count my blessings and not my problems. life isn't easy but best believe i always have my smile on. i was and still excited for saturday to roll around. i had the opportunity to meet a very special woman. it was such a pleasurable moment that i'm still smiling 3 hours later. aha. i did a video interview and took some photos. i was so happy today was a beautiful day enough to wear the outfit i wanted to wear. my hair was in a curly puff, doing what it does best lols. i will post a picture of what i wore, recreate the look. hopefully i do get chosen because i feel like my fashion can be heard..well it will be heard behind this quiet voice of mine, so soft spoken. guys i'm feeling #blessed completely! i also need to update on my hair. i had gotten it straighten on the 22nd of november. well i must complete this homework, even with talent i greatly advice everyone to get and complete their education. education will take you far and you can always lean back on what you majored in if life doesn't go your way.

grrr i also need to hurry and pick up a new sd card reader, i have so many pictures in my camera that it must be shown lols, well at least to you guys :).
p.s i'm finally seeing twilight tonight with the ladies, finallyyy right?